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Happy Summer!

A few updates to let you know about. It might not all apply to you, but please be sure to read to the end. If you have any questions, you can respond to this email or we can talk about it at your next session. 


  • In-office visits are still suspended for now. Out of an abundance of caution, I've decided to stick with telehealth for the time being. The logistics of sanitizing and maintaining appropriate distance in my tiny office makes it not feasible to return to in-person visits at this time. Wearing masks, which is recommended, also feels prohibitive to communication and the therapeutic process. As the recommendations from the CDC and industry experts evolve, this will be updated. For now, I am not sure when I'll be returning to the office. 

  • Secondly, summer is here, though it looks different than it ever has. Now is a good time to check-in to see how therapy is going and think about if you want to make any changes to how often we meet or even if you want to take a break for a few weeks/months. If you decide to pause, there will always be a spot for you when you decide to return.

  • Some insurance plans waived copayments for a period of time but they seem to be putting an end to that. Going forward, I'll be charging copays as needed as the insurance payments come in. You'll notice a delay in charges, but I don't want to charge you and then have to offer refunds. 

  • I'm going to be taking some vacation time this summer to recharge and reflect. I will be out of the office July 1-13 and August 10-21. During those weeks, I won't be available for regularly scheduled appointments but I will be available for emergencies.


Take care & be well.




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